Henriot Rosé Millésimé 2012


Henriot Rosé is one of the House’s most unexpected creations. After several years of testing, this cuvée officially joined Henriot’s Champagne collection in the early 1980s, with the 7th generation of the family. Henriot Rosé is a quest for singular aromas, obtained by blending specific vintages and years.

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2012 combines low yields, mainly due to frequent and devastating frost, with exceptionally high quality. Ripeness and acidity are perfectly balanced soul mates. It is rare to witness such an intimite bond between the distinctive stamp of a harvest year and the expression of a certain style.

The pleasure is palpable, full-flavoured and bursting with light. Perfect for those impromptu pre-meal moments, to accompany the last embers of sunlight in its coral reflections. The ultimate Champagne to stimulate both mind and palate before a meal, it would also make a welcome guest at the most joyous tables, to accompany rare veal medallions or simply poached turbot