Henriot Millésime 2008

An interpretation of
a singular year

While Apolline wanted to tell the story of her vineyard in 1808 through a blend of multiple crus and years, she also wanted to pay tribute to the nature through a vintage Champagne.
The Millésime is the interpretation of a singular year, a reflection of the Terroirs characteristic of the year according to Maison Henriot.
Thus each vintage is a unique creation, with its own selection of wines for the blend and its own particular aromatic expression.

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A blend comprising some ten Premier and Grand Cru Villages, this vintage celebrates what could only be described as a unique year. As soon as the first grapes were picked, we knew this was going to be a great harvest, which only became more apparent throughout the ageing and blending process.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in perfect balance will transport Champagne lovers to a world of subtle sensations presenting springtime freshness, mineral character and a breadth of aromas spearheaded by fruit notes. This exceptional year, in pure Henriot style, brings great ageing potential to this elegant and generous Champagne, which will evolve resolutely over time.