Henriot Millésime 2012


When Apolline Henriot founded the House in 1808, she decided to create a Champagne that would allow her to shine a light on all her vineyards through the blend of several crus and years, giving birth to the very first cuvée of the House, Henriot Brut Souverain. She also wanted to pay tribute to nature through a vintage Champagne, Henriot Millésime, which is the interpretation of a singular year, the reflection of the Terroirs characteristic of that year, according to the House.
Thus, each vintage is a unique creation, with its own selection of wines for the blend and its own specific aromatic expression.

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Henriot Millésime 2012 is characterized by aromatic heterogeneity and complexity.

The first nose is intense, almost heady. Yet it is counterbalanced a few seconds later by an incredible elegance with airy and floral notes.
The wine is in motion with a succession of the following aromatic notesr: summer flowers, meringue, ripe fruits, then fresh summer currants, chalk, minerality, patina... it is an endless impetus.
On the palate, it’s the same ballet coming together, which makes this champagne creation so unique and compelling.