The Alliance Terroirs project

"Wine is written in the vineyard."

The Henriot family has always played a role as protector and promoter of the Champagne region. Today, the family focuses on the preservation of the vineyards and the Terroirs.
Through the Alliance Terroirs project, the House is adapting its viticulture practices in favour of the vine and its quality, but also to the environment. It implements positive actions to reduce its impact on the environment and supports their partners in this regard (HVE, VDC certification, organic conversion, etc.). The House promotes biodiversity, contributes to the beautification of the vineyard, helps research and develop new tools.

Each of these actions are dedicated to Apolline Henriot’s wishes and aim to write collectively Champagne’s History.

An historical

Apolline Henriot, founder of the House in 1808, has a profound understanding of the vines and the environment in which they take root, including the soil and the climate. This ensemble constitutes what is known today as the Terroir.
In the line of Apolline's great-uncle, Canon Godinot, many members of the Henriot family, trained as agricultural engineers, have contributed to developing the expertise and strengthening the care given to the vines.
The Alliance Terroirs project is a continuity of Apolline’s founding principle, initiated in 2020 by Gilles de Larouzière Henriot, 8th generation of the family and Alice Tétienne, Cellar Master of Maison Henriot.
This project is divided into three areas: knowledge of the Terroirs, adaptation of viticultural practices thanks to this knowledge and actions to to contribute to the sustainability of the Champagne region.

Alice Tétienne,
Cellar Master of Maison Henriot

"The mission entrusted to me is to perpetuate the soul of
Maison Henriot through its Champagnes and their signature. Today, the world is on the move, both socially and environmentally. It is my duty to integrate this dimension while respecting the primary objective."

Conversion to
organic viticulture

Within the framework of the global project Alliance Terroirs, Maison Henriot is strengthening its knowledge of the vineyard so as to adapt its viticultural practices to each Terroir in order to contribute to the sustainability of the Champagne region and to integrate the environmental commitment in an area of global warming. Observation is therefore fundamental and is now part of the daily life of the vineyard. In addition, Maison Henriot is taking positive action towards the environment. Thus, it was natural for it to decide to convert to organic viticulture. Indeed, this certification aims at the use of exclusively natural products and requires an increased understanding of the vineyard as well as a strong presence in the vineyard. The House also sees this approach as an opportunity to reinforce the good working conditions of the people who work in the Henriot vineyard.
Organic viticulture encourages a strong study of the vine throughout its vegetative growth. Time is given to observation and precision guides the choices of intervention. This favours the realisation of one of the House's wishes: as much diversity of cultivation as of Terroirs. It is a viticulture that is demanding and requires time. It is also an important need for resources, both in the presence in the vineyard and in the actions that are carried out there.